Help your employees free up valuable time with 4Assets

4Assets simplifies asset management with a mobile app capable of handling online and offline asset registers, requests, and notifications.

The low-cost, user-friendly solution will allow your company to be in control of its assets.

If your employees are not permanently office-bound, managing assets that are either being moved, received, or disposed of can be challenging. 4Assets’ mobile app gives a simple method for all employees to interact with their asset controller and allows you to request transactions and do full electronic audit trails on transactions.

4Assets has 4 Key benefits

  • The solution replaces paper-based transfer transactions
  • 4Assets allows all employees to log transfer or disposal requests.
  • Asset acquisitions can be done from the mobile app so that the receiver can start completing the asset information.
  • Offline capability – do remote transactions when out of range.


  • Manage fixed assets – financial calculation, from capitalisation, transfers, depreciation, and improvements all the way to disposals and sales.
  • Includes a unit of production calculations for mining and manufacturing customers.
  • The solution can already integrate with various ERP systems and integrations can be developed to your needs.
  • Accommodates dimensional reporting.
  • Asset transfer forms and processes are replaced with an approval signature.
  • Employees are licenced to transact for the company at a single price.

Use this opportunity to migrate to a simple, user-friendly, cost-effective solution that doesn’t require you to buy new software.

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