Standardise and Streamline manufacturing operations with Sage X3

Digital Transformation has become a topic of great intensity for Manufacturers over the last two years. The core focus situated around delivering value-added products and services more efficiently, at reduced cost.

Digital Transformation for Manufacturers implies (on a high-level) the adoption of new technologies and trends to boost the bottom line; enabling leaner and more effective techniques that were formerly unexplored. For most, the simplest way to achieve this is to embrace the age of Intelligent ERP’s, Cloud Computing and IoT devices (Industry 4.X), evolving the organization into an intelligent, autonomous being capable of delivering smart business intelligence. Unfortunately, the reality is that some manufacturers still rely on outdated processes and trends to get by – it is critical to keep up to date with technological trends if you are to survive the Modern Digital Economy!

Top Challenges facing Manufacturers include:

  • Inefficiencies undermining profits and growth potential
  • Inefficient access to insights and real-time data
  • Layers of loosely integrated tools and solutions
  • Lack of agility in reacting to complex business challenges and industry advancements
  • Lack of advanced data management and intelligible insights

Adopting a fit-for-purpose, intelligent ERP is the foundational-phase requirement to achieving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, the first step in realising a servitisation strategy.

With Sage X3 at your fingertips, you can respond faster to customer inquiries, gain better visibility over work order details, ensure quality standards are met and increase customer satisfaction through delivered service excellence!

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